RUSSYSDEV: docblock2web
Code documentation: from inline to online!


Make your code documentation more friendly by publishing it on the web (e.g. on

This tool extracts inline documentation blocks made according to phpDocumentor specifications from your source code file and creates Markdown that could be used with Jekyll, WordPress, WiKi, etc.

JSDoc support will be added in nearest feature.

Online version is coming soon also.

Usage example:

from docblock2web import docblock2web

filePath = 'sample.php' 

dbw = docblock2web( open(filePath) )

print( )

PHP documentation on this site was made with docbock2web. Here is the script for eiseIntra core section of this site:

inputFiles = [\

outputFile = '../'

def jekyllfile(files):
    doc =   "---\n"+\
            "layout: docs\n"+\
            "title: \"eiseIntra core\"\n"+\
            "  title: Class reference\n"+\
            "  class: rsd-navbar-left\n"+\
            "  id: \"rsd_navbar_left\"\n"+\
            "  folders:\n"
    dbws = []
    merged_categories = {}
    md = ''
    for i, path in enumerate(files):
        file = open(path)
        dbw = docblock2web(file)
        doc += dbw.toc()
        md +=
        merged_categories = docblock2web.merge_categories( merged_categories, dbw.categories )
    doc += "sidebar_right:\n"+\
            "  title: By category\n"+\
            "  class: rsd-navbar-right\n"+\
            "  id: \"rsd_navbar_right\"\n"+\
            "  folders:\n"
    doc += dbws[0].cats(categories = merged_categories)
    doc += '---\n\n'    
    doc += md
    return doc
fdoc = open(outputFile, 'w')
text = jekyllfile(inputFiles)

Requires Python version 3.